contoh surat komplain dalam bahasa inggris

Makassar, 18 April 2012

Shop owners Agung.Comp
Perintis Kemerdekaan

Re: Complaint letter

Dear sir,

Ten days ago, on 18 April 2012 I buyed a Compaq laptop brand in your electronic store. My laptop is running as it should, but for some reason when I use the laptop suddenly can not be operated.

I immediately brought the Laptop at your store to get a proper check.
I believe that your technician is working properly. But I do not know why, after nearly a week of repairs, up to now has not been completed. I’ve asked a few times, but your customer service always answer please be patient.

The laptop is so I need, I am will to spend some funds in the appropriate size of the reasonableness of my rights in the warranty agreement. If within two weeks of repairs has not been completed, I hope my right to get a new laptop instead as listed in the warranty agreement can be met.

I hope you can follow up my complaint. For your attention and cooperation, I say thank you.

Sincerely Yours,

Sucianriani Saidul
Hp: 085241674839


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